Premium and Basic subscribers can unlock voice navigation and turn-by-turns for the iPhone and Android app.

Starting Navigation

  1. After logging into the app, tap the Library icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. From the Library screen, choose Routes at the top.
  3. Tap the menu icon to the right of the route you’d like to navigate.
  4. Select Navigate to begin navigating the route.

Or, tap the route name from the list to view the route. Tap Navigate to begin navigation.

Navigate to Start:
Starting your ride somewhere other than the beginning of the planned route?

When viewing the route, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and choose Navigate to Start from the menu.

The app may take a moment to lock-on to your position. Once it is locked, your position will show on the map as a blue dot, and navigation will begin.

When you are within 10-15 seconds from your first turn, you’ll get your first turn notification at the top of your screen.

If you missed the voice announcement, you can replay it by pressing the replay icon in the bottom right corner of the notification.

While navigating a route with the screen locked, we’ll flash the cues over the lock screen with text and voice for upcoming cue.

Tap the Replay button to hear the cue again.

The cue can be dismissed by swiping it, or it will go away automatically after you have passed the cue.

Elevation Profile

When navigating a route, tap the Elevation button at the bottom to see the elevation profile.

Tap the expander icon to dive into more detail.

Mobile Cuesheet

Tap Cuesheet from the bottom menu bar to view your next cue. Scroll the cuesheet up-and-down to see previous and upcoming cues.

Tapping a cue will display its location on the map.

Tap the Full Screen button to expand the cuesheet.


  • Share
    Share your ride in progress with the Live Log feature.
  • Stop Navigation
    Tapping this option will clear out the route you were currently navigating so you will not receive navigation prompts, but you will continue recording. Use this option when you purposefully deviate from the route, or when you have finished the planner portion of your ride.
  • Volume
    Quickly access and change which alerts are activated.
  • Settings
    Toggle auto-pause, update Logging and Navigation settings, manage Handlebar Mode and utilize Bluetooth sensors. Find out more about in ride settings here.
  • Add POI
    Did you come across a Point of Interest that you would like to note on your recording? Drop a POI icon on the map. Find out more about adding POI while recording.
  • Route Planner
    Use the mobile route planner to edit the route you are currently navigating, or to create a brand new one.

Navigation Settings

All the navigation settings will be enabled by default, but you can disable them to meet your needs.
Alert Distance: The app will automatically adjust the amount of time between the notification and the turn. You can give yourself a bit more time by selecting the EARLY option.
Navigation Chimes: Choose from the Original, Hybrid or Muted chimes.
iPhone Only – Speech Speed: Choose from Slow, Normal, or Fast speech.
Android Only – Offline Storage Location: Select where maps and routes are stored for offline use.

Manage Alerts

  • Advance Cue warnings: Announces next cue after completion.
 Right after you complete a turn, if your next cue is some distance away the app will say “Turn left in a quarter mile.”
  • Nearing cue warnings: Announces cue when approaching.
 As you approach a turn, the app will let chime in around 10-12 seconds before the cue depending on how fast you are riding.
  • Imminent cue warnings: Provides hints for the next cue when it is very close to the current cue. 
Example: “In a quarter mile, turn left, then turn right.”
  • Visual Alerts: Shows cues over the map.
 This option will show the cue description in a box just over the map. Turn this option off to prevent the cue description from showing.
  • Audio Alerts: Emits beeps to announce cues.
 Turn this option off to eliminate all chimes indicating cues and warnings.
  • Spoken Alerts: Speaks directions from the cuesheet. 
The app will use the phone’s text-to-speech engine to read the cues aloud. Disable this option to turn off the voice cues.
  • Off-course alerts: Plays warning tone when off/on route. When you go off-course, the app will continue to chime at you every two minutes as a reminder that you are off course. Tap the X in the corner of the off-course notification to turn off this reminder.

Handlebar Mode

This feature allows the app to keep the screen on while navigating. It also allows you to lock the navigation view in your preferred orientation.


  • Keep Screen On: Toggle this option to Keep the screen on while you ride. Take note that keeping your screen on during your ride will increase battery consumption.
  • Lock Orientation: By default, the app will automatically rotate. This option will lock it in either Portrait or Landscape mode.

Take note: if you open another app or put the Ride with GPS app into the background, then Handlebar Mode can not be utilized. The Ride with GPS app must be in the foreground for Handlebar Mode to be affective.


  • Screen On for Cues: Use this option to have the screen wake when approaching a cue.
  • Proximity Wake: This feature uses your phone’s built-in proximity detector to turn the screen on if you move your hand close to your phone.
  • Keeps Screen On: Toggle this option to Keep the screen on while you ride. Choose when to keep the screen on by selecting Always, Only when navigating, or never. Take note that keeping your screen on during your ride will increase battery consumption.
  • Lock Orientation: By default, the app will automatically rotate. This option will lock it in either Portrait or Landscape mode.

Off Course Notifications

If you go off course, the app will alert you with an audible alert and a cue card stating that you are Off Course at the top of the recording screen. There are two things that will happen:

1. If you have cellular reception, you will be prompted to Reroute back to Course.

Note: You must have an internet connection to receive rerouting directions. Rerouting is not available in areas with no service.

– If you go off course by 35 meters or more, the app will alert you with a ‘blonk’ sound and a cue card that offers an option to receive turn-by-turn directions back to your course.

– To receive directions back to your course, simply tap the Reroute cue and you will be rerouted back to the closest point of your route. Depending on how far off course you are and what the easiest route back is, sometimes the app may occasionally direct you to backtrack the way that you went off course; however, the majority of the time it will direct you to continue forward on a different path that will link you up with your original course a bit further down the line.

2. If you are out of cellular connection or in airplane mode, the cue card will offer to reroute, and if that fails will provide you the direction and distance towards the closest point in the the route.

If you choose not to receive directions back to your route, the app will continue to notify you every two minutes that you are off course. If you intentionally go off course and no longer want to navigate the original route, you can stop this alert by tapping the X in the corner of the cue card or by tapping Tools > Stop Navigation and retain your ride recording.

Route Complete

When you have come to the end of a route, you’ll get one final chime notification and a prompt asking if you want to end navigation. Tapping yes means it will unload the route from the map but it will continue displaying your recorded track and continue recording until you tap the pause button and end the ride.


  • You must be recording a ride to use navigation. After you are finished riding you may opt to delete the ride or save it.
  • Custom Cues entered into the route using the Planning tool will be spoken during navigation.
  • Routes with different track colors changed will also display the colors in the mobile apps. Depending on whomever planned the routes, these can sometimes indicate road conditions, caution areas, or just simply a different color than the default red.
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