You can create and coordinate multiple tours in your Tour account using events. After you create an event, it will show up on your Tour account’s Event Calendar. Read on to find out how to create and use events for your tours, manage event participants, and administer past events.

Only route managers can sign in as the Tour account to administer the Tour Operator events.

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    Create an Event Page

    The best way to manage a full slate of tours with different routes is to create an event for each tour. You can assign multiple routes to each event, set dates, and add participants to events without adding them to the Tour account itself. To create an event:

  1. Select the routes you want in the event by clicking the check box to the left of each route.
  2. click create event just below the route library
  3. The event details form will list all the routes to be included in the event.

  4. Give your event a name.
  5. Set a date for the event.
  6. Uncheck “All Day” to set a start time.
  7. Optional: Automatically remove participants. This will clear the participant list at 14, 30, or 60 days after they have RSVP’d to the event.
  8. Optional: Require name and email to RSVP. This requires participants to enter their first name, last name, and email address. Route managers will be able to see this information, but it will be hidden from other event participants.
  9. Select the privacy settings for the event.
  10. Click save when you are done.
  11. You will then see the event page, where you can add more information and more routes. Click on show all on map to see the event routes all on one map.

    After you have saved your event, it will show up in the events section of your Tour account page. You can use calendar view or list view for your events.

Add Organizers to an Event

    You can list organizers on your event so all your guests know who is leading the tour.

  1. Create or view an event from your club’s account and click Edit Event Details
  2. Type the first 3 characters of the member you’d like to add as an organizer, select their name from the list, and click enter. You can add as many organizers as you’d like.
  3. Once you save the event details, the organizers will be listed for anyone viewing the event.

Official PDF

    With the organization account, you can set an Official PDF so your riders can download a customized PDF map with a click of a button.

  1. Click Print PDF from any of your organization’s route pages
  2. To learn more about creating and customizing your PDF cuesheet.

  3. Configure your desired settings and click Set as Official PDF.
  4. Riders will be able to download your Official PDF directly from the event page and from the route page.

  5. To remove your Official PDF settings, click Remove Official PDF.

Event List View

Toggle between calendar view or list view in the upper right corner of the events section. We recommend using list view.
List view will show all the events, dated and un-dated.

Tag Events

    From the Event Library using List View:

  1. Select the events you wish to tag.
  2. Click Set Tags
  3. In the Event Tags field, type in the desired tag or click to show the list of available tags.
  4. After you have typed a tag, press enter to complete the tag. It will appear in a small box.
  5. Repeat these steps to add additional tags to the same event.
  6. Click the Add tags button to finish adding the tag to the event or click Remove tags to remove the tag from the event.

Archive Events

Events can be archived from the event list. These events will not be visible to tour account members for viewing on the web or app. These events can be added back into the event list for use by members. Only a route manager will have access to these options.

  1. Select the events you want to archive by clicking the checkboxes adjacent to their names
  2. Click Archive at the bottom row beneath events list
  3. View your archived events by clicking View Archived Events in upper right
  4. Events can be unarchived with these same steps from the View Archived Events page

Invite Participants

After you have added all the routes to your event page and are ready to share it with participants, follow these steps to share a link to add participants to the event.

  1. Click invite participants to get the auto-approval link to invite participants to your private event.
  2. This will generate an auto-approval link you can copy and paste into an email or any other messaging service you use to communicate with riders who have signed up for your tours.
  3. When the auto-approval link is clicked, it will automatically RSVP the rider who clicks it and add them to the tour event, granting them access to enhanced features. Once participants have RSVP-ed to a tour event, they will be sent a confirmation email linking back to the tour event. We recommend linking your participants to the tour participants page as a reference.
  4. Once they have been added to the event, participants will see the tour routes show up in the events section of their dashboard page.

Manage Participants

After you have invited participants to your event, you can see who has RSVP’ed and manage their access.

Click MANAGE PARTICIPANTS to see who has already RSVP’ed for your event. Participant information can be viewed, a tag can be added, messages can be sent, access removed, or the rider can be unexpired from the event.

Automatically Remove Participants

You can have the event page automatically clear the participant list after a selected number of days. This is great for those events that are re-used multiple times and will have different participants each time.

When setting up the options for your event, click automatically remove participants.

From the drop-down menu, select a number of days to wait before clearing the list. This option defaults to two weeks, but you can also choose 30 or 60 days.

When this option is used in conjunction with event leaderboards, the leaderboards will be cleared after the selected number of days have passed.


Copy Events

If you have a tour you run several times throughout the season, you can copy its event to re-use the description and list of routes to use them on different dates with different participants.

  1. Sign in to the tour account.
  2. Open the event to be copied.
  3. Click copy event in the admin options above the event details.
    If you do not see this option, then you may not be signed into the club account or you may not have permission to copy events.
  4. After clicking copy event, you’ll be prompted to give the new event a new name and URL.
    Once you do this, you will have an identical copy of your event.

Event Planning Tips

  • Name your routes starting with a number to help keep them in order and make them easier to find. If you have over 9 routes to sort, number them as 01, 02…09, 10…and so on.
  • Include some basic information in the event page like how to formally register, your official website, rider expectations, predicted weather, or anything else your think riders should know prior to the event.

Now move on to Part 4: Inviting Tour Participants and Staff

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