For pricing and to enable this option onto your account, contact Tour Support.

Our Tour Embed allows all tour operators using Experiences to share an overview of their tour with potential guests without giving them the ability to view the full route, zoom into detail, or download the route.

Tour Embed Advantages:

  • Share your private tours and keep them private.
  • Give potential customers an overview of your tour, without allowing them to view the details.
  • Cut down on redundant work. No need to recreate your routes or tours anywhere else.

Tour Embeds for Experience Users

  • You’ll find the link to the tour embed on the Experience share card.
  • Clicking the Embed Code link will display a pop up with your iframe code. This is the HTML code you’ll want to add to your website to embed your tour.
  • Click Got It! to close out the pop up.
  • If you make updates to your Experience routes and want to update your embed, click Embed Code, then on the pop up, click Refetch. Note, this will not change the code, so there is no need to update your website. The updates will automatically appear.
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