The Split Route tool allows you to take a longer route and split it into as many smaller routes as you want without affecting the original route. These new routes will also include the POIs of the original route within 3 miles (5km) of the track line.

This is great for those longer multi-day tours you want to split into individual days or tiers.

Split Routes is part of the Advanced Routing tools for Premium subscribers.

To split a route you must be editing a new or existing route.

  • Click SPLIT ROUTE on the right column
    The right side panel will change to show you are now able to split routes along with some information text.
  • Click anywhere along the route.
    It can be on the route line, a control point, or on the elevation profile. We recommend zooming in for better control on where the exact split happens.
  • Now that you’ve split a route, it now has two parts that include POIs within 3 miles (4.8km)
    The original route is no longer being edited, instead you will see “unnamed route” in the left side panel indicating the routes you are currently viewing. The active route will be in red while the inactive routes will be gray and unresponsive to clicks.

  • Click SAVE in the left side panel.
  • Give the new route section a name like “Day 01” or something to help you keep track of the sections as they will be listed Alphabetically if you add them to an event
  • Click SAVE at the bottom of the dialog box. You’ll be prompted to give the route a title, a description, set the privacy or add it to an event. Route managers can also save the route to their clubs.
  • When the dialog box appears to show you have successfully saved your route click the X in the Box to return to the route planner and continue splitting.
    If you view the route then the other sections you have not yet saved will be lost

If you view a route before saving a new one then the other route will be lost.

  • Continue saving the other sections
  • Click “Unnamed” to select the next route section then click SAVE

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