You can share a route, ride, or Live Log via SMS or social platform from our app. The steps for sharing a route, ride, and photo within the app are all the same.

If you’d like to share your profile, route, or ride to someone in person, you can share using a QR code Shortcut. Learn more about sharing via QR code Shortcut here.

  1. While viewing a completed ride or route…
  2. iPhone: menu in the upper right corner, then tap Share.
    Android: Tap the Share icon to bring up sharing options.
  3. In this example, I’m going to share to Facebook, add some descriptive text, then tap Post to finish.
  4. iPhone:

Sharing a ride in progress

After you have started recording a ride and want to share your Live Log, tap the TOOLS button and then tap Share.

You’ll be able to activate the Live Log and also get a list of available sharing options for giving your live log link to others.

You must be Live Logging to share a ride in progress.


  • Learn more about sharing on the web site.
  • The mobile app will only show pinned rides and routes.
  • Pinned routes are great for making your favorite routes easier to find when you start having many routes on your profile.
  • Sharing is not limited to Facebook, you can also share via Twitter, e-mail, SMS, and whatever other share options your phone supports.
  • Removing pinned rides and routes must be done on the website.
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