Ride Cleanup is a set of features for Premium subscribers.

Why would I need to clean up my ride?

There are many, many reasons you might need to tweak your ride data to make it more accurate. While we always give you the option to view just your moving time, it still is nice to be able to clean up those ride ends.

Should you experience problems with your heart rate monitor, the ride’s elevation, or your cadence data, you don’t have to choose between tossing out the whole ride and keeping all that bad data around.

Making a selection:

Making a selection on the elevation profile allows you to take advantage of so many other functions.

  1. Click and drag across the elevation profile to select a section. This will zoom-in to your selection.
  2. Refine the selection by dragging the handles on the opposite ends of the selection box.
  3. Click Clear Selection to clear your selection.
Trim Ends
Drag over the elevation profile to select the portion of the ride to keep. Then, click Edit and select Trim Edges. This will delete everything outside of your selection.

Click the Save Changes button in the elevation profile to commit the trim to the ride or click Revert to undo the trim.

Delete Selection
After making a selection in the elevation profile, click Edit, Delete Section. This will delete what is in the selection leaving the rest of the ride intact, and will connect the points between the ends of the selection that was deleted.

Flatten Elevation

Use the Flatten Elevation tool to correct elevation inaccuracies caused by bridges, tunnels, and tall buildings. Large bridge spans that are a significant height over the water often have an elevation dip as the scanning satellites recorded the surface level rather than the bridge itself. Similarly, route passing through tunnels can cause an elevation spike from the map data.

Check out more information on Flatten Elevation here.

Exclude from Metrics
This feature allows you exclude part of your ride but retain your track data for the total trip. Great for those times where you have to take a ferry, bus, or subway as part of your trip. Learn more about Exclude from Metrics.

Replace Elevation Data
Did your ride have some weird elevation recorded by your GPS? Use the REPLACE ELEVATION DATA from the MORE button on the left side panel. This option replaces all the elevation data for the whole ride, not just a selection.

This function takes a minute to replace the elevation data. Refresh the web page to see the new elevation metrics.

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