Use the Ride with GPS mobile app for iPhone and Android to record your trip. Save the recording and any geotagged photos to your account for secure data storage. View your ride on the website to analyze metrics and share it with friends.

Our Premium and Basic subscribers will unlock even more features in the mobile app like Turn-by-Turn Voice NavigationMobile Route PlanningLive Logging, and Offline Maps.

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Tap the GO RIDE button at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

The Go Ride button will turn into a Pause button. Press and hold it to stop recording.

The app may take a moment to lock-on to your position as the GPS radio in your phone warms up, but once it is locked, your position will show on the map as a blue dot.

If the auto-pause feature is enabled, you will see the AUTO-PAUSED banner appear at the top. This feature can be utilized to keep you from recording a track line for breaks and stops.

The metrics view will be selected when you start your ride, but choose Tools to utilize the items below:

  • Tap Share to activate the Live Log feature and share your location with others.
  • Use the Volume option to change what you hear:
    Navigation, Spoken, Off-course and Interval Alerts
  • Toggle auto-pause and other in-ride Settings.
  • Add a POI to your ride to show a point of interest.
  • Create a new or edit an existing route in the Mobile Route Planner.

Update your view:

Change the metrics  that are shown when you ride by pressing and holding any of the metrics. Then choose from the list of available metrics to replace your selected metric.

The metrics panel can be swiped to the right to reveal a second page of metrics.

You can also view your top 8 metrics in full screen mode.

Choose which map type is shown, and what items are overlaid. View the map in full screen, or zoom in/out to see more or less of the map and recorded track line. Tap the recenter button to move back to a centralized position around your current location.

Tapping the compass icon will activate the auto-rotate feature, and as you start moving forward, the map will orient itself to your position and heading. The screen does not rotate based on the orientation of your phone, it rotates based on your direction of movement.

To disable auto-rotate and return to North-Up, tap the compass again.


Press and hold the pause button to reveal two buttons:

  • You can resume your recording by tapping the Resume Ride button.
  • Or you can end your ride recording by tapping the Finish Ride button.

After tapping the “Finish Ride” button you’ll be taken to the ride details screen.

Give your ride a name (if you leave this blank, your ride will be given the current date as a name), add photos, select gear used on the ride, and set the privacy setting.

Tap SAVE to finish. The ride will then be uploaded to your account where you can access it from or through the app.

Add more photos, clean it up, share with friends, or use it to write a Ride Report.


  • Add Gear so you can save rides to specific bicycles, shoes, or whatever you are using to get around.
  • More Battery saving tips, keep the screen off as much as possible.
  • Add Photos to your rides.
  • Have a Windows Phone?
  • Don’t want to share your ride? When saving your ride, change “Who can see this ride?” to “Private, Just me”.
  • Privacy Zones to hide your home, workplace, or school from the world.
  • Change Metrics that are shown for a customized experience.

Enjoy the ride!

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