We all have favorite coffee shops, breweries and the like on our routes, but did you know you can flag them on your map? Premium subscribers can add Points of Interest (POI) to routes to provide additional details on the map. You can select icons, names, and even add descriptions and photos for your favorite places.

POI Outline:

Adding POIs

To add a POI, select DROP POI on the right panel.
Click anywhere along your route, or on the map, to place your POI. Select an icon for the POI, and enter in any details. Click Save, and your POI will appear on the map.Note: POIs can only be added to routes you are planning, not rides you have completed.
Add a photo to the POI by clicking the ADD PHOTO button, one or more photos on your computer, then click SAVE.

Moving POIs

To move POI icon around the map, click-and-drag the icon then let go at the desired location.

This will allow you to fine tune the POI location at any time.

Removing POIs

To remove a POI from your route, click on it to bring up the form, and you will find a DELETE button in the bottom left of the dialog.

POI on Embedded Maps

Here’s a sample of what POIs will look like on an map embedded in a blog post. Embedded maps are interactive so you can click on each POI for more information.

Learn more about embedding a map on your website
or embedding multiple routes

POIs in a PDF

When you create a PDF of your route, the POIs will be listed in order along the route, but sometimes you may want to tweak the order to your liking. When including POIs, click the rearrange link to change the order.

POIs on the Mobile App

POIs entered on a route will show up when viewed on the iPhone and Android app.


Point of Interest Legend

Frequently Asked Questions

Will POIs show up on my cue sheet?
Although you can route to a POI as part of the planning process, simply adding the POI to the map will not add it to the cue sheet at all. It only gets added to the map. We suggest adding a custom cue along with your POI if you want to take notice of it while riding.
Is there a limit to the number of POIs I can include in a map?
There is no hard limit to the number of POIs that you can include in a map, but at some point you reach a point where it simply clutters the map with too many icons and obscures the roads.
What kind of information should I put in a POI?
This is up to you. We usually recommend putting in places of business or information about rest stops. Maybe a photo to help you find the place but this can only be referenced on the website and mobile app. The POI photo will not show up in a PDF or on any Garmin device.
I have the Adventure Cycling Association maps, how can I import all the service POIs?
Check out this detailed article on Working with Adventure Cycling Association Files.
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