Adventure planning in an area with limited or no cell-phone network? Or using an older phone with no cell plan?

Download your route prior to heading out with the OFFLINE MAPS feature. Navigate routes that you have downloaded to your device while in airplane or Offline Mode.

Our Premium and Basic subscribers can download and navigate offline maps in the iPhone and Android app.

IMPORTANT: Keep the screen on and stay in the app

When downloading the route and map tiles for offline use, you will need to keep the screen on and stay in the app until it is finished. If you leave the app screen at all, then the maps will not finish downloading.

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Download for offline use:

  1. Select the route you want to download.
  2. Tap the Save button.

Then, tap Download for Offline

Offline Library:

You’ll see offline designation on routes that have been downloaded.

  1. At the bottom of the screen tap the Library icon.
  2. From the top option, select Offline.

Your offline route list will show a cuesheet icon for each route that has a cuesheet along with the route line.
A cuesheet is necessary for the app to give you voice navigation for your offline routes.

Tap the Navigate button to start VOICE NAVIGATION.

Tap the Remove option to remove the downloaded copy from your device. This will not delete or unpin the route from your account, but will only remove the offline copy.

Use the three-dot menu ( ) to Share, Navigate, Remove, or Unpin.

Take note: Downloading a route for offline use will also Pin the route to your account.

Remove All

You can quickly clear all your downloaded routes by tapping the Trashcan icon on iOS and the context menu ( ), then Remove All on Android.

This doesn’t delete the route, just removes the downloaded copy.

Download All for Events:

While viewing an event page in the app, you can download all the routes associated with the event with one tap rather than having select each route individually.

  1. Tap the menu icon ( ) in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Download All
  3. You’ll be taken to your Offline Library section and see all the routes queued up for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the downloaded map view to be Satellite or Topographic?
At this time the map type is restricted to RWGPS which is based on the Open Street Maps data.
What is the range of the offline map tiles?
The maps will download for the entire length of the route and about a screen’s width from the route. This will give you enough map to get back on track should you miss a turn or want to explore a bit.
Can I just download an entire state/country?
Not at this time. Map tiles are linked to the route itself.
How do I delete an Offline Map?
When viewing your Offline Library, tap Remove.
How much data will this use?
The data usage in downloading a map will vary depending on the length and geographic coverage of a route. A typical 60 mile route will take about 20MB of space. With a broadband connection speed, the download should only take a couple of minutes, but make sure to wait until it says “Downloaded” before starting navigation or activating Airplane Mode.
How do I update downloaded maps?
Viewing the updated route on your device while you are connect to cellular or wifi will automatically update the route that you have downloaded.
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