Below are all of the options available for both the iPhone and Android app. The interface of the two apps are slightly different, but the available options and functionality remain the same.

To access Settings, tap the More button at the bottom of the main app screen. Then choose Settings near the bottom.

While recording a ride tap Tools at the bottom.

Account Settings

  • Update Profile:
    Update your name, email and password; edit subscription, add profile details.
  • Use Metric Units:
    Toggle this option on to use meters/kilometers for distance.
  • Default Gear:
    Set your primary gear to be used by default when saving your rides.
  • Set Home Location:
    Tap the map to set your favorite starting location. Tap done to save it.
  • Default Ride Privacy:
    Specify the default privacy for all new saved rides to be Public, Friends Only, or Private.
  • Profile Privacy:
    Choose to have your profile available or others to see, or privatize it how you’d like.
  • Connect with Facebook:
    Link your Facebook account to your Ride with GPS account for additional sharing opportunities, and to use a second login option.
  • Delete Account:
    Select this option if you’d like to remove your account entirely from Ride with GPS

E-mail Notifications

  • Messages:
    All friend-to-friend messages within the site.
  • Comments:
    Whenever a comment is left on a ride, photo, route.
  • Site Updates:
    These messages will only be sent by our site administrators to give updates about the products such as new features or scheduled downtime.
  • Segments:
    Receive an email notification when you have made a personal record on a segment match.
Push Notifications:

  • Comments:
    System alert on your phone whenever someone leaves a comment on one of your rides, routes, or photos.
  • Segments:
    System alert whenever there is an update to one of your segments.


  • Logging Interval:
    This is how frequently the app will record GPS data. Ranges from 1 second to 10 seconds. If the app is paired with a Heart Rate sensor or Speed Sensor, this will change to 1 second.
  • Auto-pause:
    Enabling this will allow the app to automatically pause the ride recording when you have stopped. See this Auto-pause article for more details.
  • Poor GPS warning – Android Only:
    Enable this option to get an audio warning if your device has lost a GPS lock.


  • Enabled:
    Notifications at regular intervals of the metrics you choose while you ride.
  • Tone:
    Play a tone at the interval along with the metric announcement to trigger your attention. This can be turned on and off.
  • Type:
    Set to DISTANCE to be notified every X-miles, or set to TIME to get the notifications every Y-minutes.
  • Interval Spacing:
    This setting determines how often you get the notifications.
  • Announcement Content:
    Enable the metrics you wish to hear for the whole ride or per interval.


  • Find photos:
    Turn on this option to allow the app to use photos that were taken while you were recording a ride.
  • Upload photos over Wi-Fi:
    The app will only upload photos taken during the ride using an available Wi-Fi connection. This is a great way to save on your phone’s data plan.
  • Photo Upload Size:
    Choose from Full, High, Medium, and Low.
    The maximum width of each setting is High = 3072 (default), Medium = 2048, Low = 1024


  • Replace elevations:
    Enabling this setting will force the app to use the known elevation point from the map source rather than the elevation recorded by the GPS. This is best for older phones or areas with high trees or buildings.
  • Publish rides to Health app – iPhone only:
    Syncs the distance and duration of your rides to the Apple Health app. Only new rides recorded by the Ride with GPS app will get synced to the Apple Health app. This does not retroactively sync your ride history nor rides recorded by other devices.
  • Publish new rides to Google Fit – Android only:
    Syncs duration and distance to Google Fit. Only new rides recorded by the Ride with GPS app will get synced to the Google Fit app. This does not retroactively sync your ride history nor rides recorded by other devices.


All the navigation settings will be enabled by default, but you can disable them to meet your needs.

Alert Distance: The app will automatically adjust the amount of time between the notification and the turn. You can give yourself a bit more time by selecting the EARLY option.
Navigation Chimes: Choose from the Original, Hybrid or Muted chimes.
iPhone Only – Speech Speed: Choose from Slow, Normal, or Fast speech.
Android Only – Offline Storage Location: Select where maps and routes are stored for offline use.

Manage Alerts

  • Advance Cue warnings: Announces next cue after completion.
 Right after you complete a turn, if your next cue is some distance away the app will say “Turn left in a quarter mile.”
  • Nearing cue warnings: Announces cue when approaching.
 As you approach a turn, the app will let chime in around 10-12 seconds before the cue depending on how fast you are riding.
  • Imminent cue warnings: Provides hints for the next cue when it is very close to the current cue. 
Example: “In a quarter mile, turn left, then turn right.”
  • Visual Alerts: Shows cues over the map.
 This option will show the cue description in a box just over the map. Turn this option off to prevent the cue description from showing.
  • Audio Alerts: Emits beeps to announce cues.
 Turn this option off to eliminate all chimes indicating cues and warnings.
  • Spoken Alerts: Speaks directions from the cuesheet. 
The app will use the phone’s text-to-speech engine to read the cues aloud. Disable this option to turn off the voice cues.
  • Off-course alerts: Plays warning tone when off/on route. When you go off-course, the app will continue to chime at you every two minutes as a reminder that you are off course. Tap the X in the corner of the off-course notification to turn off this reminder.

Live Logging

Learn more about Live Logging.

  • Live Logging Interval:
    Ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes apart, this is the amount of time between updates to your Live Log on the website.
  • Live photo syncing:
    This will use your cellular network data and upload photos while Live Logging, even if “Upload Over Wi­Fi Only” is enabled.
  • Android only

  • Speak Comments:
    Comments left on your Live Logging ride will be spoken by the app.
  • Enable Live Logging on Every Ride:
    Toggle this option to start Live Logging for each ride.

Bluetooth and Sensors

  • Barometric Elevation:
    Use the device’s barometric sensor to determine elevation. Turn this on to increase accuracy in your recorded elevation.
  • Apple Watch Heart Rate – iPhone Only:
    Toggle this option to alway the app to capture heart rate from your Apple Watch.
  • Enable Bluetooth:
    Tap this to enable Bluetooth in the app. This will not turn Bluetooth on in the phone’s system settings, nor will it grant Bluetooth permission so you will have to turn that on as well.
  • Set up Bluetooth devices:
    See Pairing Bluetooth Devices for more details.
  • Set up Varia Radar:
    Pair a Bluetooth capable Varia device to see approaching vehicles.
  • Set up External Display:
    Do you have a Wahoo RFLKT or Magellan Echo? Pair the device here to show your ride metrics and navigation prompts on the device while your phone is tucked away.

Offline Mode

When Offline Mode is activated, the app will not use any data through the cellular network nor wifi. If you try to access any features that require a network connection then you will get a prompt telling you to go back online.

This is a great way to limit the amount of cellular data that your phone uses without putting the device into airplane mode.

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