Sometimes it happens…your GPS device won’t turn on, you forgot to hit record on the mobile app — whatever it may be, you can still track your mileage on the site.

  1. Click UPLOAD on the left side of your navigation tabs.
  2. Click Add Ride under “Manually Log Your Ride” on the bottom-left side of the screen.
  3. Fill in the details of your ride:
    • If your ride had an associated route, be sure to add it so that you’ll have a map to show with your ride (even if you don’t have full metrics). And, if you haven’t mapped the route before, you can always create one before you manually log your ride.
    • Click SAVE to finish logging your ride.
    • Name of the trip
    • Date and Time
    • Description (optional)
    • Average and Max Heart Rate (optional)
    • Total duration HH:MM
    • Moving time HH:MM
    • Distance (miles or km)
    • What did you take with you? (based on gear you set up)
    • Visibility (Public by default)
  4. Save a route as a ride

    If you want to include a track of your ride that didn’t get recorded.

    1. Plan a new route to represent your actual ride.
    2. Press SAVE from the left side in the route planner, then choose SHOW MORE OPTIONS at the bottom of the save dialog box
    3. At the bottom of the expanded save form, toggle the RECORD THIS AS A TRIP? option to YES.
    4. You’ll be prompted for additional info like duration and other optional info.
    5. Click SAVE one last time at the very bottom of the prompt to finish.
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