A great feature to help share your rides as they happen is called Live Logging.

You must have cellular network access for this function to work. If you lose service while live-logging, we will update everything accordingly when you gain service back.

Check out a great example of live-logging here: Live Log Demo!

Quick Outline:

Start Live Logging

  1. Tap GO RIDE. The app will get your GPS location and start recording.
  2. Tap the Tools icon in the bottom right corner and select Share.

  3. Tap Enable Live Logging to start transmitting your location. Tap Configure Settings to check your Live Logging settings. Live Logging intervals can be changed to update every 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

    Keep in mind the more frequent the Live Logging, the more battery time it will consume. If you want to conserve battery, change it to 5 or 10 minutes.

    After you have made changes to the setting, press DONE if using iPhone. Tap the back button on Android to confirm changes.
  4. The green antenna icon on the recording screen indicates Live Logging is active.

    Tap it to disable Live Logging, check your last update sent, configure settings, or share.

    Ending your ride will also automatically end Live Logging.

Sharing a ride in progress

After you’ve started Live Logging, you can share your ride in progress. The sharing options available will depend on your phone and the apps you have installed.

Tap Tools > Share, or if your Live Log is in session tap the green antenna icon on the recording screen and then tap Share.

How do friends and family view your progress?

Anyone can view your profile to see your current location, while your Ride with GPS friends will see you in their Friends feed.
  • While someone is Live Logging, you can see the track where they have been, and the black dots on the track indicate where they have taken a photo and uploaded to the ride.
  • Type a comment for the Live Log in progress, then that rider will get an announcement on their phone.
  • The Live Logging page will get automatically refreshed every 5 minutes.
  • Live Logging & Privacy

    By default, the Live Logging feature is set to public therefore everyone can view the ride on your profile page. You can choose between three privacy settings to decide who can see your ride in progress.

    1. Public – Everyone can see your ride by simply going to your profile page. They don’t even have to sign into the website.
    2. Friends Only – Only those accounts you have befriended within the Ride with GPS will be able to see your ride.
    3. Private – Only your account will be able to see your ride in progress. Typically it is a spouse or family member signed in with your account that would view this ride as it happens.

    Should the start or end of your ride take place within one of your Privacy Zones, then that part of the ride will remain private regardless of the Live Logging privacy setting.

    Live Photo Syncing Option

    When you enabled Live Logging along with the Live Photo Syncing option, any photos you take within the app or out of the app will be automatically synced to your Live Log and available for viewing on the website.

    Live Photo Synced photos are uploaded at a much smaller resolution of 1024×768 pixels with moderate compression to minimize the amount of data used. Once you have finished your ride, you will be prompted to select photos to be uploaded. Photos that were Live-Synced will have the Live Logging icon on them to show their status. These photos will then be uploaded again at full resolution upon saving of the ride. We recommend saving and uploading once you get to a Wifi connection to save data on your cellular network.

    Points to Remember:

    • Live Logging intervals can be changed in App Settings
    • Enable Live Photo Syncing in your app settings so photos get uploaded in real time as well, and geotagged to their exact location. Disable this feature if you wish to conserve your wireless data.
    • Must have access to cellular network data to transmit your location.
    • By default, it is viewable to the public.
    • For Premium and Basic members

    Now get out there and ride!

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