Have you ever wished you could see a map of all the roads, trails, and paths you’ve ridden over time? Now you can!

Your Personal Heatmap is an individualized view of all the ground you’ve covered on past rides. Whether you want to find your way back to a favorite camp spot, revisit a particularly memorable road, or you’re just hoping to avoid an unfriendly neighborhood dog, your Personal Heatmap can help you plan future excursions by showing you where you’ve already been.

We also offer a global heatmap that visualizes the frequency of routes travelled by everyone using Ride with GPS. For more on this, click here.

Viewing your Personal Heatmap on the Website

This is a feature available to Premium subscribers.

Premium members can turn on Personal Heatmap as a map layer when viewing a route or ride, as well as while planning a route in the Route Planner.

Viewing your Personal Heatmap on a Route or Ride

To turn your Personal Heatmap overlay on or off, click on the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the ride or route page, and check off Personal Heatmap from the drop down menu that appears.

You’ll see your heatmap traced along the map in purple tones. A bolder line indicates a heavier heatmap, meaning that you’ve travelled along those roads or trails more frequently.

Using the Personal Heatmap in the Route Planner

To turn your Personal Heatmap overlay on or off, click on the Heatmaps menu in the upper right corner of the Route Planner screen, and check Personal Heatmap from the drop down menu that appears.

Your heatmap will show up on the map in purple, just as it does when viewing a route or ride.


  • Who can view my Personal Heatmap?

    Your Personal Heatmap is private to you only, and made available with a Premium subscription. It cannot be shared at this time.

  • How are my rides counted towards my Personal Heatmap?

    This overlay is created from your personal ride recording history, including private activities. However, if any of your rides, or portions of your rides have been excluded from ride or profile metrics (i.e.: the ferry ride portion), these will not be recorded on your heatmap. For more on this, check out Exclude From Metrics and Adding Gear. Additionally, manually logged rides (No GPS Recording) will not be included on your heatmap.

  • Are rides through my privacy zones added to my Personal Heatmap?

    Portions of your ride that begin and end in your established privacy zones will not be added to your Personal Heatmap. However, if you cross through a privacy zone, this will be included.

  • How often is my Personal Heatmap updated?

    Any time you add or edit a ride on your account, this is reflected automatically in your Personal Heatmap.