Table of Contents:

1. Start with the route.

You have a couple options to get started in the process, choose whichever makes sense for you. Make sure you’ve reviewed the guidelines page to help facilitate building a great Ambassador route:

Have a route in mind? The best approach to starting an Ambassador route is to go out and record it with our mobile app. Actually going out and following the route makes it easy to collect the best photos, helps with the accuracy of the final route, and will result in a better and more thorough description. Use photos to capture stunning views, interesting sights, and any notable locations you’d like to mention in your description.

Already have a route planned? Much of the work is already done – just make sure to check it very carefully for accuracy. Otherwise, plan the route on our website using the tools at your disposal. Many riders will be looking at and going out to do this ride, so you must be confident that the route is correct. Maps aren’t perfect, so use a critical eye.

2. Finalize the cuesheet and add POI.

The cuesheet is what riders will use to navigate the route, so you’ll want to verify it’s accuracy. We’ve built tools that make crafting an excellent cuesheet simple. POI icons are used to call out points of interest like viewpoints, rest stops, bike friendly business, or anything else you’d like to emphasize on the map.

3. Select the best photos.

Make sure to take lots of photos, but only select the best ones for your final Ambassador route. Enter informative captions to help riders understand what they are viewing. Photos taken in the Ride with GPS mobile app while recording a ride will automatically show up once you save.

Have photos that you took outside of the mobile app? Add them to your route with a few easy steps –

4. Write the description.

Tell the prospective rider what makes this route great, and what they need to know to be prepared and get the most out of the experience. The written description will link back to the route map on the Ambassador route page, so think about the POI you’ve added, the photos