Please ensure your route meets these baseline requirements before submission:

1. Accurate and complete cuesheet. Nearly all routes require some instructions to stay on course. Accuracy and completeness is critical for a great experience on an unfamiliar route. Check out Part 2 of the Ambassador Help Portal.

2. Minimum of 3 photos. Great routes have plenty to show off, and most ambassador routes will exceed this minimum. At least 3 photos are required to generate a postcard of the route. More information about creating postcards can be found in Part 3 of the Ambassador Help Portal.

3. Compelling description that sets the rider up for success. The description is both a sales pitch and a pre-ride overview. The description will convince riders to do the route, and it needs to give them to information to get there, make the right gear choices, and understand the obstacles they may face. Read more on how to utilize the Ambassador toolbar to create a compelling description in Part 4 of the Ambassador Help Portal.