The Elevation Profile for Rides

You’ve just uploaded a great ride, latest leg of the tour, or a quick jaunt around your favorite riding spots in town. Now let’s learn what can be done within the elevation profile to analyze your ride, make changes, create segments, and make new routes based off of it. Learn more…

Ride Cleanup

There are many, many reasons you might need to tweak your ride data to make it more accurate. While we always give you the option to view just your moving time, it still is nice to be able to clean up those ride ends.

Analyzing Ride Metrics

After completing your ride, make sense of the data collected on your speed, distance, elevation, and more. Learn about splits, quicklaps, where to find your data, and ways to display the data.

Turn a Ride into a Route

Using the tracing feature you can take that great ride and use it as a template to generate a route, complete with a cuesheet and copies of the photos you took along the way.

Ride Center

Filter your rides by date, name, tags, and more so you can quickly find a specifc ride. You can also easily batch assign bikes or tags to your rides, or make rides public or private.

Editing Ride Details

After uploading a ride from your Garmin device or saving a ride with our mobile app for iPhone and Android, take a minute to change some details about the ride.


Segments offer a great way to get involved with cycling in your area. You can quickly see how you progress on sections of your favorite ride, or compare your ride times to other Ride with GPS cyclists.