Have an Garmin EDGE device that you want to sync routes wirelessly to but no IQ app is available? You can still use these devices for wireless route transfer using the Garmin Courses Sync API.

Connect your Account

If you are new to Garmin Connect, follow the steps below to activate it on our website:

  1. Login to your account on www.ridewithgps.com (best done on a computer or laptop).
  2. Go to your account Connected Services Page, then click Connect with Garmin

    – If already connected, please click Unlink, then Connect again and follow the steps below

  3. GarminConnectSync
  4. Login with your Garmin Connect credentials
  5. Once logged in, select “Courses” & “Activities” as an option to be enabled for syncing
  6. CoursesActivitiesEnable
  7. Finish the setup for linking your Garmin Connect account Courses and Activity syncing

Add Ride with GPS Routes to your Garmin Courses

Once this is set up, you can Pin or use the Send to Device button for any route you want to sync over to your device wirelessly.

If you have pinned an item in the past, you will need to re-pin it, as only routes Pinned after this sync has been established will transfer over to your device.


  • I’m not seeing my routes sync? Restart your device and let it reconnect to WiFi to let the Garmin Unit establish a connection with Garmin’s servers
  • Where are my custom cues? The Garmin Courses Sync process will not sync over custom cues, it will transfer the route to Garmin and they create a cuesheet with their algorithm and then transfer to your device
  • Where are my POI? The Garmin Courses Sync process will not sync over POI, the only way to transfer POI to your Garmin device is via USB connection and a GPX Track file
  • Why can’t I transfer a Ride to my Garmin? At this time, the sync process will only transfer routes. You can use MORE>Copy to My Routes when viewing a route on the website to convert a Ride to a Route.
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