After uploading a ride from your Garmin device, or saving a ride with our mobile app (for iPhone and Android) you can add details about the ride.

What’s a ride? A ride (or run, hike, etc.) is an activity that you did on a particular day/time. Whenever you upload data recorded from a GPS unit or the mobile app, you’re creating a ride on our site.

There are several ways to create a ride on Ride with GPS:

Edit the ride name and description

While viewing your ride, tell your story or give more details in the Description field. Give a ride report, weather conditions, or point out special details of a planned route.

If you haven’t given your activity a name, click on the date in bold.
Default Save
Fill in a name and description, click save when you are done.
Edit Details
Now your ride has a name and description!
Updated Details

Edit ride details and metrics

While viewing a ride, click EDIT in the right side panel to view all the available info that you can update.


  • Name for this Ride: If the route was planned by you, you can select it from the list so you can refer to the route again while viewing the ride.
  • Description:
  • Started Ride On:
  • Stationary Ride:
  • What did you take? Select which bike you rode.
  • Who came with you? Select which friends came with you.
  • Show Rides to Link:
  • Who can see this? This is where you can set the privacy of your ride to be seen by only you, only friends, or everyone on the site.

Click SHOW METRICS to see additional info like:

  • Distance
  • Moving Time (hh:mm:ss)
  • Started Ride on:
  • Duration (hh:mm:ss)
  • Max HR
  • Min HR
  • Max Cadence
  • Min Cadence
  • Avg HR
  • Avg Cadence


Editing any of the distance, or time details may have an adverse affect on your ride as these numbers are calculated by the time-stamps in your collected GPS points. If you need to change the length or distance of the ride, see our Ride Clean Up article.

  • Distance:
  • Duration:
  • Moving Time:
  • Max HR:
  • Min HR:
  • Ave HR:
  • Max Cadence:
  • Min Cadence:
  • Ave Cadence:
  • Is this elevation data bad? If your GPS recorded some weird elevation data you can select this to re-fetch the elevation to smooth it out.

Check out the Ride Clean Up page for more details and additional ways to clean up your ride.

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