Premium subscribers can input custom cues while planning or editing routes on the website’s route planner to alert riders of Points of Interest (POIs) and other features of the route like “start long climb”, “beware of train tracks”, or additional navigation cues such as “make a U-Turn”.

While using the mobile app on iPhone or Android, custom cues will be read using Voice Navigation along with all the other cues.

Adding a Custom Cue:

Warning: Any changes to the route made by dragging the segment near a custom cue will automatically delete the custom cue. We recommend adding the custom cues after you have finalized the route and aren’t going to make any other changes.
  • In the right side panel, click CUSTOM CUE
  • Now that you have the Custom Cue tool selected, click on the route where you want the Cue. This will get added to the cue sheet automatically.
  • Click SAVE to add this cue to the cuesheet
  • You can also right click on the route line where you want to add a cue. This bypasses needing to first click Custom Cue in the right column

Edit a Cue:

As you hover over a step in the cue sheet, you’ll see the cue highlighted on the map. Clicking on a cue will open up a form on the map where you can edit or remove the cue.

Text entered into NOTES will be spoken to you while using navigation on the mobile app.

Be sure to save your changes by clicking SAVE button once you’re done editing.

Delete a Cue:

Click the cue from the list on the left to display it on the map. Click DELETE on the cue to remove it from the route, this also removes it from the cue sheet.

If you don’t want any cues associated with your route, go to the right side column and click CUES under CLEAR ALL, then confirm the change. Exercise caution when using this tool. If you save your route after using CLEAR CUES, you will not be able recover any cues without re-creating the entire route again.

If you don’t want any automatically generated cues, click SETTINGS at the top of the map and deselect the checkbox next to GENERATE CUESHEET

We recommend leaving this option enabled so you get all the cues generated for your route to use in the mobile app.

Cue Sheet PDF:

Here’s what your custom cues will look like when printed in the cue sheet PDF.

Learn more about creating PDFs for your routes.


Cues in the mobile app:

While using Voice Navigation in the mobile app, you can Cuesheet to view the cue sheet for your route, tap the cue to view its location on the map.

Tap the up carat icon to expand the cuesheet into a full screen view. Tap the orange down arrow to collapse the full screen cuesheet view.

Learn more about using Voice Navigation in the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

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