The Cue Review Tool is the fastest and easiest way to make sure your cuesheet is just how you want it. It will walk you through each of your cues so you can ensure they’re accurate and make any changes or corrections you like. You can even add in custom cues and POIs during the process.

The Cue Review Tool is for Premium subscribers.
While editing a new route or an existing route, click REVIEW CUES at the bottom of the left panel.
The regular route editing tools in the right side panel are now replaced by the cue review tool.

Here you can change the cue type to Left, right, straight, and more.

Change the description or note fields.

Delete a cue

Go to the previous cue

Click CONFIRM if the cue is correct to move on to the next cue

Each cue will be displayed on the route along with a circle around the particular cues.
While reviewing cues, there are some limited tools you can use to make edits along the way.

You can add a Point of Interest (POI) or add to the cuesheet.

As you review cues, the left side panel will check off each cue that has been reviewed along with the percentage of cues that have been reviewed.
As each cue is highlighted on the map, the corresponding section on the elevation graph is also highlighted.
When you’ve finished going through all the cues, you’ll have the option to return to the route editor, save your route, or keep reviewing.
Make sure to save your route at the end of the cue review process to save any changes you have made.


Can I make changes after the review is complete?
Absolutely. You can make any number of changes after reviewing cues. We recommend reviewing the cues after many all your changes and you feel the route is “done”.
Why won’t the cue review tool fix spurs for me?
Some spurs can be intentional by route planners when including water stops, first aid stations, or other features that would require a rider to stop as part of the route.
I have a Free or Starter account, why can’t I see the Review button?
The Cue Review Tool is available for Premium subscribers and all Organization accounts.

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