Premium and Basic members get access to our PDF maps and cue sheets for any route that has cues. These are great for navigation if you don’t have a GPS unit or smartphone, or to pass out to riders participating in an Event or Club ride.

If you didn’t know, there is a distinction between a Route and a Ride. Rides are recorded with your GPS, smartphone, etc., whereas a Route is planned using our website. Only Routes have cue sheets, though you can turn a Ride you recorded into a Route with a cue sheet by checking out this related article:

Learn more about How to Turn a Ride into a Route with a Cue Sheet.

Part 1 of 2- Create & Customize a Map

Customizing the Map

  1. Select your route that you want created as a PDF.
  2. In the left panel, click MORE then PRINT MAP & CUE PDF.

    This will take you to the print options page where you can customize the look of your map and cue sheet PDF.

General Options

Page Size:
Select from US Letter, Legal, A4, and A3.
Choose from Feet/Miles or Meters/Kilometers.
Include Map:
Yes/No. Including the map is optional if you only want a cue sheet for the turns.
Include Cuesheet:
Yes/No. Including the cue sheet is optional if you only want to include the map.
PDF Title:
By default, it is filled in with the route name, but you can change it here for the PDF creation. It will not affect the actual original route name.
Additional text of your choice that will appear at the very bottom of the PDF. Great for contact info.

Map Options

Landscape or Portrait. Change this option to match the overall orientation of your map.
Include list of POI?
Yes/No. The POIs will be listed in the order in which they are created while planning your route. If you don’t have any POIs, then nothing will be added to the PDF. Click (REARRANGE) to change the order of the POIs in the list.
Include Elevation Profile.
Useful info to help a rider visualize which hill they are on over the course of the ride.
Override elevation scale.
Sometimes the elevation profile can flatten out hills or make small hills look large. Changing the minimum and max allows you the ability to customize the elevation to your liking.
Include Description.
If you added a description of the route when you saved it, that text will be included.
Show coordinate grid on map.
Latitude and Longitude grid lines will be included to assist in navigation.
Overlay ordered cue sheet icons.
Each line in the cue sheet is giving a number to correspond with the cue on the map.
Show distance markers
Shows the mile/kilometer markers along the route.
Here’s an example map:

Rearrange POIs

When including POIs in the PDF, you can change the order on the PDF by clicking the REARRANGE link then drag the POIs then drag and drop into the desired order.


Part 2 of 2: Customize the cue sheet

Now let’s go through the options to customize the look of your cue sheet.

Cue sheet Options

Portrait or Landscape. Choose the orientation that best works with the route.
Rows and Columns
Defaults to 2 x 2. This is so you can fold the printed cue sheet into fourths and fit it into a sandwich baggy. You can also change it to 1 column, 2 rows or 2 columns, 1 row.
Font Size
Defaults to 10, but can range from 10 to 16 points.
Cue sheet Number:
Each turn is giving a sequential number automatically and can be matched to the printed map.
Distance from Start:
Total distance from the start to this cue.
Distance from Last:
How many miles/km from the last cue.
Label (left/right/food/etc)
Any notes you have added to the cue. “Bad dog near this turn” or “Gravel Starts Here”
Distance to Next:
How many miles/km to the next turn.
Click and drag the cue sheet column names to change the order they appear on the cue sheet PDF.
Here’s an example cue sheet:

Ready to Print?

Click GENERATE PDF to have the PDF created and read for download.

Depending on your web browser’s configuration, it may either open directly in your web browser, downloaded into your default DOWNLOADS folder, or prompt you for a download location.

Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat, Apple Preview, or one of many other available PDF readers.

Download a sample PDF map and cue sheet for this ride.



Read the description in the box to the right to learn about Experimental Maps. This option will produce many more pages to the PDF, so it is generally not desirable unless you are in very unfamiliar territory.

  • J – Include maps in cue sheet: Yes/No
  • K – Maximum width of map image (meters). Defaults to 1000 meters square, but you can adjust this number to zoom in our out of the map in the cue sheet.
  • L – Generate PDF. After this button is pressed, the system may take up to a minute to generate the PDF then it will automatically e-mail it to the address at the top.

Experimental Results

If you checked the box INCLUDE MAPS IN CUE SHEET, here’s what one of the pages will look like.

Download this sample PDF to view a fully customized map and cue sheet with this option selected.


Club Logo on PDF maps

Club accounts have the option to include the club logo when creating PDF maps and cue sheets to send out to your ridership. These steps will replace the Ride with GPS logo with your club logo in the upper right corner of the PDF Map.

Your club must first have the logo included in the club account settings before this option will work.

  1. Go to your club page.
  2. Click SIGN IN AS CLUB
  3. Go down to the route library and select the route to be made into a PDF.
  4. In the right side panel, click PRINT PDF MAP & CUE SHEET.
  5. Put a check next to the option INCLUDE CLUB OPTION.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click GENERATE PDF to have the file emailed to you.
    Make sure to check the email address first!

Cuesheet Legend

Here’s a simple legend on the icons that will print on your cuesheets.

Other Tips

  • Pan and zoom the map to show more detail. We will use your viewport when we generate the PDF, as long as your viewport is more zoomed in than the route itself.
  • Unhappy with the way the PDF turned out? Revise your map, go through the steps again, change the options, then click GENERATE PDF to download it.
  • If you’ve added a description to your route the PDF will generate best when there is a limit of about 900 characters in landscape mode, or about 1600 characters in portrait mode.
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