Premium subscribers can combine multiple routes or split a long route into many using our simple split and combine tools. For advanced route splitting where you can retain all cue and POI data, please use the Advanced Route Splitting Tool.

Remember: There is a distinction between a route and a ride. A ride is a recording/activity from a GPS unit or mobile app that contains a path with time information. A route, unlike a ride, does not have any time information associated with it. A route also typically has a cue sheet. You can, however, turn your ride into a route with a cue sheet. Check out this related article: How to Turn a Ride into a Route.

Combining Routes

You have several routes you want to combine into one, here’s how you do it:

  1. In the Plan page at the upper corner of the left column, click IMPORT EXISTING
  2. In the search box, type out the name of the route you want to add.

    Note: If you just created the routes before you started doing this, the route(s) may take up to 30 minutes for the servers to index the route and show in the results.

  3. Click each route you want to add to the planner.
  4. Once you have routes selected, click the ADD TO PLANNER button.
  5. Click the name of the first route in the left side panel.
  6. To connect the two routes, make sure you have ADD TO ROUTE selected on the right side panel.
  7. Then, click the GREEN DOT that indicates where the next route starts.

    Once it is connected, the second route will turn red to indicate it is part of the first route.

  8. Now your routes are combined into one route. It still has the name of the first route, so we will want to save this as a new route. Click SAVE in the left side panel.
  9. Click SAVE AS NEW. This creates the combined route into a new route on the system. If you only click SAVE, then it will overwrite your existing route that you started with.

Tips for Combining Routes:

  • Make it easier to find each successive route by adding numerics such as “Grand Tour Day 01, Grand Tour Day 02” or “01 Astoria to Portland, 02 Portland to The Dalles”.
  • Routes should end relatively close to where the next route starts. The further away the two points are going to be the more automatic routing there will be to take place between them.
  • Newly created routes may take up to 30 minutes to by indexed and may not show up in the ADD ADDITIONAL ROUTE box until after the index is complete.
  • If you made a mistake when combining routes, click the UNDO button at the top of the right column.
  • Zoom in closely to the point where two routes will meet to be certain you can click the green dot and not just place a new section on the first route.

Splitting a Route

Learn how to simply split up a long route into two shorter routes

  • To get daily route files for a multi-day trip, which are much easier to use for a Garmin GPS device, we suggest using our advanced route splitting in the Route Planner to maintain your POI and Better Organize for a multi-day tour. Check out this tool here Advanced Route Splitting Tool.

    1. While VIEWING A ROUTE (not editing it), Click & Drag across the elevation profile to make a selection. Use the end-bars to refine your selection.

    2. After you’ve made your selection, click SAVE AS, then select A NEW ROUTE.
    3. Give your new route a name like “03 Oregon Coast Tour” or “Day 1”.
    4. Click the SAVE button to finish.
    5. The new route will now show up on your Routes page.
    6. Repeat the process starting where you left off from day 1 and so on.

    Tips for Splitting a Route

    • Use the selection handles in the elevation profile to refine the selection.
    • Give the route a new name like “Day 1 Oregon Coast” instead of just “Day 1” so that it will be easier to find again.
    • If you want to group all these new routes into one view, create an Event.
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