Automatically synchronize your rides from Garmin Connect to Ride with GPS.

Synchronizing with Garmin Connect is a one-way process. It will take rides from your device, synchronize it to Garmin Connect, then transfer it over to Ride with GPS.

The first time you sync a device with Garmin Express, the service will automatically retrieve the last 5 years of activities from Garmin Connect (including everything that is not a bike ride). There is code in place to eliminate any duplicates between Ride with GPS and Garmin Connect, but if you have modified the rides, the duplicate rides will appear.

Your 5 year history will not sync immediately. It may take a few days to see your full activity history synced from Garmin Connect depending on their server load

Enable Automatic Syncing
Setting up Garmin Express
Disconnecting from Garmin Connect

Enable Automatic Sync

  1. Click on the UPLOAD tab on the left column of your dashboard or from the Jump To dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the ENABLE AUTOMATIC SYNCING button.
  3. Sign into Garmin Connect using your email address and password that you registered on Garmin Connect.
  4. Confirm that you want to share your activities by clicking Save.
  5. You’ll be prompted to authorize Ride with GPS access to your Garmin Connect account.
    Click the I CONSENT button to proceed.
  6. After you have signed into Garmin Connect, Garmin will start sending the last 30 days of your activities to Ride with GPS.

    This is a one-way transaction so it’s Garmin Connect to Ride with GPS only.

Setup Garmin Express

  1. Download and install Garmin Express.
    Note: the installation of Garmin Express is required to automate the synchronization process from your computer to Garmin Connect.
  2. Start Garmin Express
  3. Click ADD DEVICE.
  4. You will be prompted to plug in your device if you haven’t already plugged it in to your computer.
  5. gc-add-device
  6. When your device is plugged in, DEVICE FOUND will appear. If Garmin Express has not found your device, check your connection or try another USB cable.
  7. gc-device-found
  8. Sign into Garmin Express using the same account details that you used to sign into Garmin Connect.
  9. gc-account
  10. Give your device a nickname. The default is the model of the device (ex: EDGE 810).
  11. gc-nickname
  12. Opt in or out of the anonymous data collection by Garmin.
  13. gc-anonymous-data
  14. If you have any activities on your Garmin unit, this sync will only take a moment then say that Sync is Complete.
    From here you can update the firmware of your device.
  15. gc-setup-complete

    Disconnecting from Garmin Connect

    If you no longer wish to sync your device via Garmin Connect and Garmin Express, troubleshooting sync issues, or want to sync with a different account, follow these steps.

    Disconnecting from Garmin Connect will not delete any of your rides.

    1. Click on the UPLOAD tab on the left column of your dashboard or from the Jump To dropdown menu.
    2. Click on the UNLINK button.
    3. Your Ride with GPS Account is now disconnected from Garmin Connect.


I have more than 5 years of history on Garmin Connect, how can I get my entire history?
Garmin will only feed us the last 5 years of activity. If you wish to get beyond the last 5 years of historical data, you will need to use a third-party service.
But isn’t web support for Garmin Express and Garmin Communicator going away?
No. Garmin Communicator is a web browser plugin that is no longer supported. Garmin Express is a stand-alone app that is continually upgraded and allows your Garmin device to sync to and from Garmin Express is not going away any time soon.
Recommendations for making sure my data is still secure?
If your Garmin Connect activities are set to Private, then they will get synced to Ride with GPS as Private even if your Ride with GPS default privacy is set to Public. We will always take the most restrictive approach to your ride data when syncing. Any Privacy Zones that you have set up prior or after syncing your data will be applied to your rides.
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