New for the Ride with GPS app on Android version 1.6.14

Updating to the latest version of the app or installing it for the first time on Google Play will install the app on your Android Wear device automatically. It may take a few minutes for the app to appear.

The available features of the app depend on the wearable. Some models may not have heart rate or a stand-alone GPS.

Recording an activity

Tap Ride with GPS from the list of Wearable Apps

Select either On Phone or On Watch

On Phone means that the app starts recording your activity on your Android phone while the Wearable will start to display metrics.

On Watch means it will take advantage of the built-in GPS to start recording the activity. If you have a Wearable with a built-in GPS, then you can record an activity without having to take your phone with you.

Recording On Watch:
You’ll immediately see the Pause screen until the watch gets a GPS signal. As soon as the watch gets a good GPS signal the screen will switch to the first page of metrics and the Duration will start to count up.

Swipe left to get to the first page of metrics. Swipe a second time to see the second page of metrics.

Recording on Watch or on Phone

As you start moving, the metrics will get updated every 2 seconds.

Swipe left again to see a second page of metrics.

If you started the ride on the watch, the metrics will remain on their defaults.

If you started the ride on the phone, you can change the metrics within the app on your phone.

As long as you are wearing the device on your wrist and it has good contact with the skin you should start to see your heart rate on the right side. (Not available with all models)

Saving your Activity

  1. Swipe right to show the Pause button.
  2. Tap the Pause button.
  3. Tap Resume to keep your activity going.
  4. Tap Stop to save your activity. As long as your phone is nearby and Bluetooth is enabled the ride will upload automatically.
  5. After the activity is uploaded you can go to the app on your Android device or to the website to rename the activity, change privacy, select gear, and set a description.


Premium and Basic subscribers can use Voice Navigation with the mobile app and have the cues pop up on the watch screen.

You must select your route and start voice navigation from your Android device.

Learn more about Voice Navigation.

After navigation has started, turn notifications will appear on the Watch with an arrow indicating direction and the distance remaining until the turn.


Can I install the Watch app without downloading the phone app?
No, only by installing the app onto your phone will the wearable app install onto your device. You can remove it from the wearable while retaining the app on your phone but not the other way around.
Which models have the standalone GPS?
We’ve tested the following models with standalone GPS recording (this list is not complete nor definitive):
Moto 360
Polar M600
Sony Smartwatch 3
Will this app work with my Samsung Gear?
The Ride with GPS watch app is only for devices running Android OS. It currently does not support Tizen or other smartwatch operating systems.
I’m not getting heart rate, what am I doing wrong?
Not all models have the HR monitor. If your device does have the heart rate sensor built into it, you’ll need to make sure the device is snug against your skin and start the recording from the watch rather than the phone.
Can I change metrics on the watch?
Start recording from the app on your phone and change metrics there. Then the changes will be reflected on the watch. If you start recording on the watch then the metrics cannot be changed.
How do I stop recording?
Swipe left until you see the pause icon. Press pause, then Stop to finish recording.
I didn’t mean to start recording on my watch, why can’t I cancel it without saving?
This is by design. Since you can’t review a ride on the watch, you will have to save it, upload it, then either go to the website or mobile app to delete it.
The watch isn’t speaking the cues while navigating?
The watch app only plays the standard notification sounds when prompting you with cues. You can change the sound and haptic feedback in the watch settings but this is not app specific.
What do all these abbreviated metrics mean?
ELEG – Elevation Gain
ELEL – Elevation Loss
DUR – Duration
SPD – Speed
TAS – Total Average Speed
DIST – Distance
VAM – VAM velocità ascensionale media
HR – Heart Rate
CAD – Cadence
RDS – Remaining Distance
TMP – Temperature
POW – Power
AMS – Average Moving Speed
MVT – Moving Time
ELE – (current) Elevation
PAC – Pace
MVP – Moving Pace
TIME – Time?
TIME – Time?
CUE – Distance to Cue
BAT – Battery?
AHR – Average Heart Rate
APOW – Average Power (watts)
HDG – Heading (N,S,E,W)
CUE – Bearing to Cue
ACAD – Average Cadence
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