Either before you start tracking miles, or after you’ve uploaded a few rides, you’ll want to get your beloved bike (or bikes) set up and ready to track.

Why add a bike?

  • If you have more than one bike, you’ll be able to see which one you rode on a particular ride. You can set a default bike to automatically be assigned to your rides.
  • Setup your running shoes so you can track your running mileage separate from your cycling miles.
  • Show off photos of your bike to your friends.
  • Set your bike’s weight, which will be factored into your calorie burn counts.
  • If you are a Premium or Basic subscriber, you’ll be able to track how many miles you’ve covered on each bike, so that you can record your training mileage as well as schedule regular bike maintenance.
Check out our Gear Maintenance page.

How to add a Bike:

If you’re like us, you love details, but everything in this form is optional, so don’t worry if you don’t know what year your bike is, or how much it weighs (although, if you want the number of calories you burned to be more accurate, you will want to enter a weight).

  • Click More, Gear will be on the right side
  • Click ADD Bike or Accessory
  • Fill the desired details.
  • Name:
    Give your bike a unique name or just use the make/model.
  • What type of vehicle is this?
    Select from the list of available types.
  • Serial number
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Weight (in lbs)
  • What’s this bike’s story?
  • Exclude from Profile Totals:
    Only check this box if you want to exclude any rides associated with this bike (ex: stationary bike). If you select this, the metrics will not show in your Career Totals.
  • Archive Gear:
    You can associate older ride history with an archived piece of gear like a bicycle that you rode for a while but no longer own.
  • Always use my home timezone for activities using this gear (useful for Zwift and other smart trainers):
    This is so you can set up a separate piece of gear for Zwift rides and have them count in the correct time zones.
  • Click SAVE GEAR to finish.
  • Now upload a photo by clicking the ADD PHOTO button in the upper left corner.
  • Select your photo in the dialog box and click open. A status bar will indicate that it is uploading then the photo will appear when it is finished.

Assigning Gear

Premium subscribers can go into the Ride Center and assign gear to rides.
As an example, I’ve assigned all my rides to my Grand Randonner.

While in the Ride Center, you can also tag your rides with keywords like: training, commuting, racing, etc. This will allow you to sort your rides by keyword. A ride can have multiple tags associated with it.
Now I can see all the rides that have been associated with my bike. Any future rides that have been uploaded from my Garmin or on the mobile app can be associated with this bike.
You can also assign gear while editing the details of a recorded Ride. Make sure to click Save to retain all your changes.

Default Gear

When you have multiple bicycles set up, you can set which one will be the default selection when saving a ride in the mobile app or when using the UPLOAD page.

  1. Go to Manage Account
  2. Preferences
  3. Click the drop down for Default gear
  4. Select the bike you want as the default selection
  5. Click the SAVE button to retain the setting
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