While recording a ride, you can add a point of interest (POI) at any time. These are great for marking something special while out riding, like a water stop, where you stashed some clothes that you didn’t want to take on the ride, a beautiful viewpoint, or anything else you want to be able to reference later.

Adding POIs while recording is a feature for Basic and Premium subscribers.

Adding a POI

While recording a ride, tap the icon to add a POI. This will drop a POI at your current location.


You’ll get a prompt to select a POI type, name, and description (Android) or notes (iOS).

Tap the POI icon to select the POI type from the menu. These will match the icons that are also used on the website.

Give the POI a name and an (optional) description (Android) or notes (iOS). Tap Save (Android) or Done (iOS) when you are finished.

Editing an added POI

While still recording the ride, you can move and edit some details of the POI.

  • Tap the POI that you added: Then you can edit, move, or delete the POI.
  • Tap Edit to change the icon, name, and description of the POI.
  • Tap REMOVE to permanently delete the POI that you dropped. This cannot be undone.

Moving an added POI

Tap MOVE then tap anywhere on the map to change the location of the POI. Tap OK when you are done.

POIs on the website

Any POI that you’ve dropped on a recorded ride will show up on the website. This is great for scouting out locations and taking notes along a route.


I deleted a POI while riding, how can I get it back?
POIs that have been deleted during a ride cannot be recovered.
I can’t edit or delete a POI that is on my ride or route. Why not?
POIs that were part of a route that you are navigating cannot be changed while riding. They can only be changed by editing the route on the website. Learn more about using points of interest on the website.
Can I add a photo to a POI?
Photos have separate location data that is recorded automatically when taken in or out of the app and cannot be associated with a POI that is dropped. However, photos can be added to a route POI during the editing process on the website. Learn more about using POIs on the website.
I’ve added a POI, can I navigate to it later?
You can see it on the ride that you are currently recording when you dropped it, but the app does not have the ability to generate turn-by-turn navigation on the fly. You will need to have the screen on to find your way back to that POI.
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